Savory Oriental

In parallel with our nuts we have been involved in trade of premium food from the Middle East for many years.

The interest for food from this area has grown exponentially over the last few years, here you will soon find an exciting assortment of delicacies with the absolute best products the Orient has to offer.

Our ingredients are chosen with care and, of course, approved by European Food Safety Authority and our production facilities are ISO 22000 and HACCP certified.

​Savory Snacks

In flexible and uniform packaging, we are proud to offer a broad and flexible range of snacks such as dry roasted and natural nuts, seeds and kernels as well as dried fruit and crunchy rice crackers. The wide ranges of snacks that offer different tastes have been the real key to our success as well as the fact that we dry roast. All of our spices are made with unique flavors and each flavor combination has been labored over with care at our roastery in Helsingborg in order to come up with the absolute best mix of unique spices for the snack in question.

Seasonally we also offer exciting products such as chocolate, candy or yogurt-covered nuts.

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