Dry Roasting

​Since beginning importing raw nuts from all over the world in 2003, we are today dry roasting approximately 1,2 tonnes of raw nuts per hour in our plant in Berga, Helsingborg.

The time it takes for the nuts as raw ingredients to be roasted until they are ready to sell as consumer packs on the shop shelves is now down to maximum one week. The dry roasting method, which does not involve any extra oil being added, combined with our unique recipes from the Orient ensures a low fat content aswell as enhancing the delicious, geuine nut taste of our range of finished products.

Dry roasting is a complex skill, the nuts being transported through the roasting ovens for about 10 to 15 minutes in a temperature of approximately 150 degrees. The skill which makes this process unique is the ability to calculate the exact amount of time and the temperature needed in each roast, all depending of course on the type of nut being used and where it has been grown.

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