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Nut allergy

Nut allergy is an over sensitivity towards nuts i.e. almonds, hazelnuts, pecan nuts, walnuts and brazil nuts. Almond allergics can react against apricots, cherrys, plums and peaches. A person who is allergic towards one type of nut is most likely to be allergic towards other sorts. Nut allergy is common and appears at an early age. For many allergic people, the allergy remains well into their adulthood. It is the protein that causes the allergic reaction. Nut allergies are found in approximately 1,1 percent of the population and therefore one of the most common foodstuff allergies among children and grown ups.


Usually appearing very quickly causing problems such as irritation in the mouth and throat, swelling, breathing difficulties, vomiting, stomach ache and in worse cases life threatening state of shock. Peanuts and nuts can cause a general, intensive allergic reaction so called anaphylactic shock.


In cases that are not so acute, contact your local doctor for treatment and a diagnosis (which is done with the help of a blood and skin test).


A diet which excludes nuts.

Foods which (often) include nuts

Chocolate, muesli, ice cream, pastries, cakes, cream cakes, confectionary, almond paste, marzipan, nougat, pesto, nut oils etc.

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