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BRC Certified

28 August 2008

As a result of the positive audit result, the BRC certificate for Albina Food has now been issued. This means a very important condition and requirement of our customers has been reached in order to satisfying the taste for safety.

"By putting into place BRC standards in our company we have made an important contribution to ensuring that we can supply faultless nuts to the marketplace and that there is no danger to consumers", said Roy Linqvist, Quality Manager at Albina Food AB.

" Taking Albina Foods increasing export and focus on new markets into consideration, the BRC Certificate is most important. The Certification will no doubt serve as a door opener and will facilitate sales on new markets", said Suzanne Friis, Marketing Manager at Albina Food.

BRC is an international and well acknowledged standard, developed by the British Retail Consortium, BRC which focus on improving the quality, hygiene and product safety in following 6 areas,

1. HACCP System (Hazard Analysis Christal Control)

2. Quality Management

3. Factory Environment Standard

4. Product Control

5. Process Control

6. Staff / Personnel

Download BRC certificate here.pdf

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