Environmental Policy

Albina Snacks feels strongly committed and engaged in active and preventive environmental work as a natural component of our activities.

Albina Snacks is allied to REPA (RE-Purchase Agreement) in Sweden which is a packaging recycling and re-use program implemented in Europe, known at the Grune Punkt /The Green Dot in parts of Europe. The presence of Repa and Der Grüne Punkt trademark on a package shows that for that specific package a financial contribution was paid to a national package recovery organization. More information about REPA: www.repa.se.  

Our Cultivators and Products

We comply with current legislation and other regulations and requirements that affect us and act in accordance with society’s requirements. Environmental issues are an integral part our evaluation, choice of materials and working methods and is subject to continuous improvement.

​Our Plant Minimal Discharge – Maximal recycling

As a most important step in meeting the markets growing demand for an environmental production, the company has invested:

  • To run the production plant with liquefied petroleum gas instead of as earlier diesel.
  • Implementation of Environmental Friendly Cleaning system and Products, ISO certificated.
  • New waste disposal facilities we sort all waste as per EU Directive implemented in Sweden under the Pollution Control Regulation.
  • To only use recyclable materials for packaging etc.

Communication and Marketing Material

Take maximal advantage of the digital technique available:

  • Digital file processing (order, invoice, payments etc etc).
  • Video and phone conferences in order to limit travels.
  • Product leaflets and other marketing material to be distributed via POD (print on demand) a digital printing technology which allows you to print exactly what you need and where.

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