​Quality Policy

​All food product handling done by Albina Snacks will be characterized by a high standard of quality and hygiene.

Our routines with regards to hygiene comply with those principals laid down in the HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) As a result of the positive audit result, the GFSI certificate for Albina Food has now been issued. This means a very important condition and requirement of our customers has been reached. The goal of our quality and hygiene efforts is to 'produce a wide range of fresh, tasty, dry roasted nuts/snacks with low fat content' thereby creating our niche in this very competitive market. In a future scenario, different types of crisps will also be produced and included in our portfolio.

Key words when describing our company are: Feeling/Sensitivity, Professionalism, Carefulness and Harmony. It is our intention to fulfil the meaning behind each of these words in all contacts with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our company philosophy is to allow as many employees as possible within our organization to take an active 

responsibility for their work tasks, the focus being on quality. This collective philosophy is communicated to all members of staff on a regular basis as well as being presented to potential work applicants.

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